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You can't execute a ms-dos script on a unix server (without third party applications), just as you can't execute bash scripts on a windows server (without third party applications). What operating system the visitor is using has no bearing on the script's execution because php is server-side. Which script are you trying to execute? There may be a unix variant.

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I want to copy a small program that I made with a .exe and that is on a data server only to the c:\temp and execute it so the visitor can see my application


I know that maybe for some security we can't do this but maybe and I just want to try.




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You would need to have a user download the file and execute it on their system themselves, there's not supposed to be a way you can do it automatically. I'd also advise distributing the source along with the binaries so your customers can have peace of mind if that's something you're willing to do.

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Ok if I can't do this...


I have an other question because I tried to do it all in php before doing my application


i just need to verify in the server data something like



if the file I'm searching exist.


with the function fileExist(file_name)


if I try to put the path directly the php return me nothing

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No I want to be able to see the content of another server (data server only)


But I can see if the content exist but I can link to the content if I know that he exist. So I just want to have a way to verify if the content exist. After I can show it no problem.


Do you have an other way (other than php) to see the content of an other source??


I can change my application an write it in an other language....



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