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php html email achor/hyeperlink and bgcolor


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      I have a problem and the solution may be very simple but I am not able to find it. I have an automatic php email generated by a server. The email has html embedded in it because the email is suppose to have tables and text both. I have also added the MIME header to make it as HTML format email.


$header = "MIME-Version: 1.0";

$header = $header . "\r\nContent-type:text/html;charset=isp\o-8859-1";

$header = $header . "\r\n";

$header = $header . 'From: abc at yahoo dot com'."\r\n";



Now I have two tasks to do.


1. Have to set the background color for the entire email. Have tried <BODY bgcolor="#FFFF00"> just after the <HTML> tag but still it doesnt work.


2. As the email have multiple tables so I have to make hyperlinks or to be more specific anchors at the top so when the user clicks on the anchor for a particular table, he should be directed to that table in the same email page.(I can find this thing in simple html or php webpage but cannot find in an html based php email.)


if anyone know about it then please let me know.




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