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[PHP][MySQL] Inserting in the first tbl doesn't insert in the second tbl.


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Ok, I have 2 tables let's say first one is called batch_info with the following entries: batch_id (Primary Key - PK), trainee_num (FK), nickname (FK), etc,  and passport_id with those entries: passport_id (PK), trainee_num (PK), nickname (PK), etc...


As you can see in the first table, batch_id, trainee_num and nickname, are linked to the values from the second table.


Now, I have this script that introduce the values in passport_info table, but the problem is that this script doesn't also update/insert the values from trainee_num and nickname also in the batch_info table, even if the entries are linked...




batch_info Links to:      trainee_num: dbrev00.passport_info.trainee_num ON DELETE: cascade ON UPDATE: cascade

                                        trainee_num: dbrev00.passport_info.nickname      ON DELETE: cascade ON UPDATE: cascade


So my question is, how to update this code in order to have the same values in both tables??


    mysql_query("INSERT INTO passport_info 
        (trainee_num, sur_name, given_names, middle_name, nickname)
        VALUES ('".clean($tc)."', '".clean($sn)."', '".clean($gn)."','".clean($mn)."','".clean($nn)."')" )
        or die(mysql_error());




Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps reading how table constraints actually work would help



In short: they do not work on inserts


That's exactly what I have. So what's the solution? Any workaround of this? On short, how do I upload the same data, on the same rows but on 2 diferent tables? :'(

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Bottom line: two INSERT queries are needed (well... in your case three - in other words: one per table).


However, inserting same data into three tables might indicate that your database design is flawed (i.e. not normalised)

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