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[SOLVED] 500 Internal Server Error


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Hi I'm trying to get the ZF to work on a WAMP. When I try to run the public folder in my browser I get the 500 Internal Server Error  :(


I have installed PEAR but I don't think it should have anything to do with it. I think I need some extensions, is their an easy way to get a bit more information on which package is missing or about the problem?



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Sorry I forgot to include my extensions, if it can help


        * bcmath

        * calendar

        * com_dotnet

        * ctype

        * session

        * filter

        * ftp

        * hash

        * iconv

        * json

        * odbc

        * pcre

        * Reflection

        * date

        * libxml

        * standard

        * tokenizer

        * zlib

        * SimpleXML

        * dom

        * SPL

        * wddx

        * xml

        * xmlreader

        * xmlwriter

        * apache2handler

        * curl

        * gd

        * mbstring

        * mcrypt

        * mysql

        * mysqli

        * PDO

        * pdo_mysql

        * pdo_sqlite

        * zip


And please ask if you need any informations about my problem

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