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[SOLVED] QuickSkin template system


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Does anyone use QuickSkin? http://quickskin.codeworxtech.com/ It uses syntax like <!-- IF true --> do this <!-- ELSE --> do that <!-- ENDIF -->


I really like the style, but it doesn't seem very popular or well supported. I know of Integrated Template, but from what I can tell it doesn't support if statements, which I want. Does anyone know of any similar template systems that support if statements, includes, and loops using HTML comment style?

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Why use a template engine to slow your application down? They simply add another layer of complexity. Any designer still needs to learn a new syntax, they may as well learn a little php. eg;


    <title><?php echo $title; ?></title>
      if ($contents) :
        foreach ($contents as $content) :
      <h1><?php echo $contents['title']; ?></h1>
      <p><?php echo $contents['data'] ?></p>


its just as simple IMO and much quicker then any template engine.

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Yeah, yeah.


I have my pages setup that way now. The problem I'm having is with my header file. It has a lot of variables and is included on many different pages. The problem is I do not set some of those variables on every page. So, warnings pop up. Yes, I know I can disable the warnings, but I'm anal and find warnings unacceptable.


The solutions are:


1. Use isset() in the header template file. I don't want to do this because I'm trying to keep functions of the template.


2. Set all the variables used in the header on every page. This seems wrong because I end up with a HUGE list of $var = NULL.


3. Use a template system that will convert <?php if($show_button): ?> (or <!-- IF show_button -->) to <?php if(isset($show_button) && $show_button): ?>. I know other template systems do this, but I prefer the HTML comment syntax.


4. ??? maybe you can think of something else?

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