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Sending mail problem

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Please help me with this code?

$to = "email address";
$subject = "subject";
$message = "
  <tr><td><img src='http://url.urlcom/pics/image.jpg'></td></tr>
  <tr><td>text text</td></tr>

If I added the line "<img src='http://url.urlcom/pics/image.jpg'>" inside my send mail script and then send it to my client's  mailing list, only those who have yahoo mail, gmail and some similar email program can receive the message while the client with CORPORATE EMAIL ACCOUNT or COMPANY EMAIL CANNOT RECEIVE THE MAIL...

Help, please! Thanks!

** note that I only posted the part of the script where error occurs...the complete script contains $TO, $SUBJECT, $MESSAGE, lots of $HEADERS & MAIL()...

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Maybe that's because your email is considered as spam in some servers.


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