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i hate apache!

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got it installed working perfect with php... next day most of its disspaperard - including all the php extensions ant dlls n stuff AND including a few bits of work in htdocs. reinstalled php and apache.


so what i do, i come back next day, turn pc on..its happend agen only i lost MOST more of my work , which took me ages....p!ssed me off...and lost most of the php install, and some things from apache.


why does apache keep deleting all my ^£$%£*( work ?


i even backed it up, and put it in another folder..but guess what...thers most of my work missing in there aswell.


looks like ill have to write to cd every time a shut down so i dont loose any, but still it means i have to install php and apache every day :evil:


can any one help??




windows 2k

apache 1.3.8

php 4.3.4

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Mmmmmm, I\'d probably blame your PC first rather than apache. Have a go with easyphp a package of apache, php, mysql and phpmyadmin, all configured (more or less) and ready to go.

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tried it...dont work properly even on fresh install of it, thats why i decided to do this.


its just wierd how it deleted most of htdocs and most of the php install


i dont no what could be doing it on my pc, no viruses/trojans according to AVG an dno spyware from spy bot search and destroy.

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