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Need Help Creating a 'master database'

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Whats the most practicle way to build an on-going, accumulative

database of imported databases?



Couldnt I add the DB\'s locally on my Excel spreadsheet and then UL the

updated DB file to the \'Master DB\'?



BTW, Im using PHP MyAdmin.


Im a real newbie on doing this....so please be detailed.


Thanks in advance!

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Why would you need a database of databases? Please describe what you\'re trying to do.

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Here is my goal:


I have (1) domain name that will have on it, several online stores that each have there own DB and admin.


On the main page, is a search tool that is for searching the product descriptions and product titles of all the individual stores.


Rather than have this search tool query several seperate DBs, I would rather have it query just one master DB.


Im a real newbie with all this.....so if someone has a better way to accomplish the searching of seperate DBs....let me know! (:


The main site URL: http://books724.com


The URL of one of the stores: http://books724.com/bookstore1


Im using a search program called \'Isearch\'


Its at http://books724.com/isearch


Thanks in advance for any ideas!



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