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[SOLVED] Customer Font Styling - Backend CMS - Help


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Hi Guys,


I'm creating a blank site, that can be populated from a CMS on the backend


What i'd like is a script to let the user style their input text and then display it the same on the front end...


A bit like you can do on the input here but without displaying the tags


I've searched the net but cannot find anything!


And i'm not sure what you'd call it....??


Could someone please point me to a tutorial, or download?


Thanks in advance!

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caution .......



if you let user's enter html in the database then you can get big problems.


database/ web site , security is a big must no.


The easy way is to design some nice forms, let the user's choose what form they want, then let them alter the colors,size ect ect.


I am telling you this, before tacking the approach off letting people design there creations on your server, and database.


be warned takes one mistake and client WIPE OUT the whole database.



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HTML is fine. Javascript is what you should be worrying about.


As you're building a CMS it is likely you're building it for paying clients you shouldn't have to worry about this too much. Just ensure that all CMS pages are protected by some form of authentication.

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for the quick replies!


I understand the security issues, and yes it will all be login only, however the people i am building it for have no idea of php or mysql, although it is of course posible that someone they know does...?


I'm gonna check out that link, then get probably get back to you guys,


thanks again!

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And if the client wants to be able to do more than select a template?  You're entirely missing his question.


i said this........


they hire a programmer .


or the programmer has modules included in the code.


then the client selects that.


i just dont like anybody enter anything unless they no what there doing.


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