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Adding breakChainOnFailure


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Quick question for anyone who has implemented breakChainOnFailure to a validator in their forms. There is little documentation on this, however I would like to add a breakChainOnFailure to my reCaptcha. I want to do this because if someone incorrectly answers the reCaptcha I don't want to reveal if the username or password is correct which would weaken the security of having a reCaptcha in the first place.


Anyways here's the reCaptcha code I'm using now which works great:


$captcha = new Zend_Form_Element_Captcha('securityCheck', array(   
       	'captcha' => 'ReCaptcha',
       	'disableLoadDefaultDecorators' => TRUE,
       	'captchaOptions' => array(   
       	'captcha' => 'ReCaptcha',   

       ->setOption('theme', 'clean');


Anyone know where I need to add breakChainOnFailure in the above code. Thanks in advance!

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