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analyze ... create ... analyze ... destroy ... rebuild ... to eternity


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i have 10 years now planning an application framework. What i am doing is analyze the complexity between mysql php and front end and build an app which is by itself its a programming language. Its not something hard programming but very complex and unique logic.

The reason i am posting here is that i have some theoretically questions.

I will give it under GPL cause it helps me improve the logic more than thinking to give it commercial, plus open source will give the ability to the program to expand by other programmers and it can be teach others.

The thinks i am on now and stack is that i am building the program for years and after 5 months development i find i simplest logic so i rebuild it from the beginning , i am not loosing my will to do it but my nerves and my brain are not in a very good condition.

What should i do? I feel that the logic of the program has to go out and share but until now no mater the effort i cant build it. To give the logic to others and work it makes me feel uncomfortable because i am afraid if they steal it or take the rights for them selves , its 10 years from now improving the logic its a secret for me...

Please leave your word

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Your English is not very easy to understand, but from what I grasped, you need help with a project, but are hesitant to share the code so others can see it? Am I right?


10 years seems like a very long time to develop something like this, since PHP came out in 1995 and MySQL in 1998 (publicly), and those were very basic versions of what you get now with the latest releases... Anyway...


If you want to share the code under a GPL license, then you wouldn't have any rights to prevent people from copying your code and using it for themselves, it's true, but it's what would probably get you the most help.


The other solution would probably be to start your own company and hire programmers and software engineers so you could commercialize your idea.


Either way, it's hard to say anything else based on the very little details you provided.

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