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Newbie parse error

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I finally got my LAMP sever configure the way I want and began writing my first php script, supposed to, in the long run, supposed to generate the list of all possible permutations of an anygram and send them thru pspell looking for real words.

Well, the following code gets a parse error
[tt]Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONTINUE in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/unjumble.php on line 17[/tt]
$holder = "";
$indx = 0;
$arry = NULL;

class x
  function __construct($jmbl,$str,$index,$array)
      $this->str = $str;
      $this->index = $index;
      for($c = 0; $c < strlen($jmbl); $c++)
            $array[$this->index] = $c;
            if(in_array($c, $array)
              array[$this->index] = $c; 
        $this->str = $this->str . $jmbl{$c};
        if(strlen($this->str) == strlen($jmbl))
            print $this->str . "<br />";
        else (new x($jmbl,$this->str,++($this->index),$array));
new x($__REQUEST['jumble'],$holder,$indx,$arry);

There is some simple syntactic error but I am too much a php newbie to spot it, please help

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Line 17 is:
if(in_array($c, $array)

Should be:
if(in_array($c, $array)[color=red])[/color]

One to close the in_array(), one to close the if.


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