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Getting Listbox to populate a text field based on selected value

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Hi All,

I have a list box that is populated directly from an ever growing database feeder table. This works fine,

The feeder table has the followign structure

CustomerID        CustomerName        CustCategory
1                      Airtours                  Tourist Industry
2                      MacDonanlds          Food Industry

The listbox is found on a form, once submitted the main value (CustomerName) from the list box is entered into another database table

What I also need to do is extract the CustCategory of the selected and place this into a variable on the click event of the listbox.

I then want to automatically populate another textfield on the form with this variable to be submitted into the database.

Here is my cod efor the list box.

  $conn = db_connect();
  $query_client = "SELECT * FROM tblClients ORDER BY CustomerName ASC";
  $result_client =  sql_return($query_client);
  $result_client = mysql_query($query_client);
<td width="27%" valign="bottom"> <div align="left">       
  print "<SELECT NAME=CustomerName>";
  print "<OPTION>Please Select....</OPTION>";
          while($client_info = mysql_fetch_array($result_client))
  echo $CustomerID;
  print "<OPTION value='$CustomerID'>$CustomerName</OPTION>";
  print "</SELECT><br><br>";

  $conn = db_connect(); is in an include file and works fine.

Many thanks in advance.


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