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advice on php-mysql limitations

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Hi, I'm wanting to setup a website that will have a sql catelogue, user login, expandable menus, ordering to purchase control. basically an online shop.

Some backgound on me.
I have coded in the past, and have spent the last week learning php, and so far have managed a database drived menu and site content, which I'm happy with. But I've tried user authentication, and this seems quite a massive learning curve, and I've not been sucsesfull with session variables yet. I like learning, and being able to do everything myself, rather then paying someone else to do something.

My question are,
Is PHP and mysql fully cabaple of doing all this for me? (does anyone have any example websites for me to look at)
I'm new to php and mysql, is it worth learning all there is to know to get this up and running?
Should I just buy a ready made online catelogue shop thing?

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Yes php will do what you want and if your intrested in making a shop script from code your self then yes learn but if your in two minds and time is a issue then i sugest get a ready done script from http://ww.hotscripts.com and play with it.

good luck.

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