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monitor of TableSpaces in PHP


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i would like to monitoring the size of tablaspaces in my oracle.

I have the query to show this values but i don't know to show in my web.

The query is:


$query =   "select    fs.tablespace_name, (df.totalspace - fs.freespace),fs.freespace, df.totalspace,
         round(100 * (fs.freespace / df.totalspace))
        from (select tablespace_name, round(sum(bytes) / 1048576) TotalSpace
           from dba_data_files
        group by tablespace_name) df, (select    tablespace_name, round(sum(bytes) / 1048576) FreeSpace from dba_free_space
        group by tablespace_name) fs where df.tablespace_name = fs.tablespace_name";


I see the function "oci_connect" in php to establishes a connection to the Oracle server but my level of php is very low.


Any body help me??? I would like to show in a different rows and columns my values for example:


name_tamblespace | total_size | Used_% | free_size | free_size_%


very thanks!

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