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Importing Email addresses from database into a form and keeping them seperate


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  require 'administration.php'; 
if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { // if form has been submitted
    /* check they filled in what they supposed to etc: full name, email and comments */

        if (!$_POST['comments'])
        die('You did not fill in a required field, please refresh.');	

    $_POST['comments'] = strip_tags($_POST['comments']);

	    if (!get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
        $_POST['comments'] = addslashes($_POST['comments']);
   $message = 
"Dear Customer, \n
$_POST[comments] \n
Thank you. This is an automated response. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.
        /* Mail To, subject, message */ 
     mail ("CONNECT TO DATABASE TO GET CONTACTS","Todays Newsletter", $message,
    "From: \"Jeanies Poetry Corner\" <Newsletter@Jeanies-Poetry.com>\r\n " . phpversion());
   die('Newsletter has been sent to all the recipents in our database');    


where it says

"CONNECT TO DATABASE TO GET CONTACTS" I need to get the emails addresses from the database.

The database the emails get stored in, is connected to 'Newsletter.php', So I know that

require 'Newsletter.php';

Should be included in it somewhere.

You may need to use this



Is there any way to do this?


Also, as it imports the email addresses from the database, when it sends, would it show all the email addresses that the email sent to on the users email they recieve? If you understand, to make it easier.. lets say, chain mails on MSN, you see all the recipents the email was sent to, would this show up with the code above but connected to the database? If it would show, are you able to stop that from happening, and codes would be nice :)



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if you're talking hundreds of emails to be sent, (mass emailing), try connecting directly to the SMTP server to do so.


otherwise, if it's just a few emails your script will be sending, you could always try just looping the mail function using 'foreach' on the results from the db query.

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It will be mass emailing eventually, im not sure on SMTP mailing, only when it comes to C# do you have any idea what the PHP will be for the mass emailing (as im sure it'll work for few emails anyway)

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