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very strange problem with insert command

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am working php+mySql

i am trying to do a simple insert command :

$query2=\"INSERT INTO tblPrint (OrderNum,PrinterNum,DateTimeVal) Values(\'$order_num\',\'$radio\',\'$tmpDateTimeVal\')\";


when i havethis values :



$tmpDateTimeVal=date(\"Y-m-d H:i:s\");


when i check the mysql i see that the order_num value

is for some reason 3.517 ?!?!?!?!?!

why is that?any idea????

the more intresting if i do the same line with the same values it tels me its a duplicate key!!!!!!

but if i chek it from php with a select it tells m that that vakue dosent exist!!!!!!!!

help dont know what else to do!


after i did al of tht i did :

i changed the varchar to size 11

it at last put the data but when i do :

select * from tblprint where ordernum like \'%313.1729%\'


bu i get 0 records!!!why??????

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Try this...


If this is part of your script add it here...



$tmpDateTimeVal=date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

$query2 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO tblPrint (OrderNum, PrinterNum, DateTimeVal) Values (\'$order_num\',\' $radio\', \'$tmpDateTimeVal\' )"); 

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