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Atrocity over PM

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Some dude, who recently signed up, sent me a PM with links to some porn sites and a photoshopped photo of someone's exedurated genitals.

He has sent this to many other users, and he is spamming the boards.

Is there a way to colplain about this to the mods?
Are there mods on this board at all?

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I got a similar message from username Daniel Boone (i've sanitized the URLs so that the Spammer won't get any benefit):

[code]The message they sent you was:

If you have some time check out this COOL website:
Rest-assured this is great entertainment!!!
Also, check out the following website I came across:
It will knock your socks off!
Finally, the below website is the absolute BOMB!!!
Hopefully this guy will get banned soon...

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The PM system is disabled, the user has been firewalled and deleted and all PM's have been deleted from that user. Its sad to see SMF get exploited like that :(

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