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[SOLVED] .php Wordpress Help

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Hey, I'm new to this site and also still trying to figure out how to work Wordpress.  I made my own header for my web site and since I deleted the header that already came on the theme  and when deleting the header, all of my buttons to travel throughout pages move up a 'level' and then the top of the page doesn't look good anymore.  Any help?



Here are also the options that Wordpress gives me to go into.



Theme Files



    * Comments (comments.php)

    * Footer (footer.php)

    * Header (header.php)

    * Main Index Template (index.php)

    * Page Template (page.php)

    * Sidebar (sidebar.php)

    * Theme Functions (functions.php)




    * Stylesheet (style.css)

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As I see it, this is more of a CSS issue. You need to modify the css for your navigation menu. This:

.nav li a {
margin-top: 182px;


Needs to be

.nav li a {
margin-top: 232px;


You may need to adjust the margin slightly to your liking. This is just a rough guess whilst I was adjusting your css with the Firefox Web Development Tool Bar

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