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Hey guys, I work on a web comic called [url=http://www.robobo.com]Robobo[/url] and I want to add a new feature to my update script. I want to have a new part of the site which is simply an input box where visitors can input their e-mail and then 'subscribe' to a generic e-mail that would remind them about our website when we update (bi-weekly).

So basically, they can put their e-mail in this box, it updates our list of e-mails in MySQL. They should be able to unsubscribe as well where it deletes their e-mail if they wish.

When we update our comic, we use a form I built in PHP and I would like to add a function to that so that when we hit submit our update to the server it would automatically e-mail everyone on this list with a generic e-mail reminding them about our site with a link to the latest comic (using the comicID).

I think this is relatively easy but I'm short on time and wouldn't mind a premade one I can just insert into the code I made months ago.

Does anyone care to lend a hand?



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