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Simple (but frustrating) PHP/PDO problem


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Hi im currently going through a fairly straight forward PHP tutorial. The tutorial consists of a simple insert into a table and a simple select from this table to view all records.

I am able to insert into the table easily, and can even select from the table when i use a selection which involes only selecting one of the columns of the table ie

SELECT name FROM attribute_values


But as soon as i try to select multiple columns, the program seems to time out, and i see the "Internet Explorer cannot ....etc" page. This seems a bit odd, i am using XAMPPLITE... are there any known issues surrounding doing selects from MYSQL databases within this package (im clutching at anything...) my the code is as follows, if anyone has any ideas.... ???

/*** mysql hostname ***/
$hostname = 'localhost';

/*** mysql username ***/
$username = 'username';

/*** mysql password ***/
$password = 'password';

try {
    $dbh = new PDO("mysql:host=$hostname;dbname=shop", $username, $password);
    /*** echo a message saying we have connected ***/
    echo 'Connected to database<br />';

    /*** set the error reporting attribute ***/
    $dbh->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_WARNING);
    /*** INSERT data ***/
    $count = $dbh->exec("INSERT INTO attribute_values(name, value) VALUES ('color', 'yellow')");

    /*** echo the number of affected rows ***/
    echo $count;

    /*** The SQL SELECT statement ***/
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM attribute_values";
    foreach ($dbh->query($sql) as $row)
        print $row['name'] .'<br />';

    /*** close the database connection ***/
    $dbh = null;
catch(PDOException $e)
    echo $e->getMessage();

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Hi ober,


Thanks for your reply,

Is there a reason you are using PDO versus the default mysql libraries?  If you specify more than one column name (column1, column2 instead of *), does it work?


First i am only beginning to learning PHP and was beginning to try and interact with databases. I read somewhere that PDO's make interacting with databases alot easier and hence doing the tutorial. Or maybe i should just concentrate using the mysql libaries?


The select only works when i specify one column name, i tried putting in *, and (column1, column2 etc), both cases have caused the web page to seemingly "time out" and i get the "Internet Explorer cannot..." page

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I'm not sure where you read that, but I think the PDO methods are overly complicated compared to the native PHP MySQL functions.  I would concentrate on those.


I cannot be sure why you're getting a timeout.  Try using the MySQL extension functions and see if you get the same problem.

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