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Database Help - Retrieving MySQL

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I am a PHP/MySQL newbie.
I have been designing webpages with HTML/Javascript and doing a lot of photo manipulation.
I usually outsource the database stuff but my problem is that I am doing a website for my rowing club ([url=http://mosmanrowing.com]http://mosmanrowing.com[/url]) free of charge and cannot afford to do so.

What I want to do:
Members type in their name and it retrieves their details (some details they can change [ie address] others they cannot [ie how much money they owe for entree fees etc])... Of course I will also need to have some accounts which can change all the details (ie managing the accounts).

How do I achieve this?

Anyone who responds to this I thank you greatly!!! (I am sick of seaching the internet).



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Thats alot of work you have ahead of you trust me I'm trying to do something very similar.. all I can say is listen to what the people here tell you and dont give up searching the internet.  Google is (y)our friend.

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