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Flash movie using ZEND AMF framework.


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Hi im using the Zend AMF framework to display database entries in my flash website. The problem is that the ZEND AMF connects only when I dont use the www. prefix before my website...


Example that doesnt work: http://www.stleo.biz/awards_external.html


Example without the www: http://stleo.biz/awards_external.html


Its the box on the right.


any help?

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Flash considers www.domain.com a separate server than domain.com, so there's a check to prevent XSS or spoof type attacks.  You either need to remove the prefix part of the full URL - "http://www" -  where you're point the Flash to the server and use a relative path, or you need to allow www.domain.com to share information cross domain with domain.com by adding a crossdomain.xml file to your webroot.

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