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photo can't display


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when a user uploads their file into my db the data is present but for at least some of the images does not show. I checked to see if its in the db and it is. Could it be the size of the file, cause the image that is not showing is 2MiB whereas other files are in the KiB category.

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It could be 3 things

Type of image (eg: JPG, IMG )

Size of the image file

Size of the image itself (W by H)


The easiest way, is to test out other image files, or check, lets say if you've uploaded a JPG, and it shows up, and the file that isn't showing, is JPG, then we can ignore the type of image.

Now we can keep the file as JPG, but maybe create an image the same file size, bit a smaller image itself (W by H). If that doesn't show up still, then easy solution is, its the size of the file. Though, if it shows up, its the size of the image itself.


Alot of work there to check out if it works.


If you find the problem, and you don't know how to change the sizes, or type.

Post the code, and someone will assist you.


Hope this actually helps you.

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yup, im keeping track of the image type etc...but the file thats not showing is the file that is


[bLOB - 2.5  MiB]


but other files like

[bLOB - 262.6  KiB]

[bLOB - 406.5  KiB]

[bLOB - 39.1  KiB]


they show



and when a person uploads they have more than enough space


<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="post" name="changer">
<input name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="512000000000" type="hidden">
<input name="image" accept="image/jpeg" type="file">
<tr><td><?php echo "<input type='hidden' name='usernamecookie' value='$usernamecookie'>"?></tr></td>
<tr><td><?php echo "<input type='hidden' name='iduser' value='$id'>"?></td>
<input value="Submit" type="submit" name="submit">

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