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Zend returning meta tag during xhrPost


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I have a Zend 1.7.6 app using Dojo 1.3. I am using dojo.xhrPost to send a form to a controller in Zend. The front controller is setup with "noViewRendered". When the xhrPost call happens, everything works as planned except for the response. The response received is "<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">91", where 91 is the ID I am sending back. I expect to receive only the 91 in the response but I am getting the meta tag as well. Does anyone know where this is getting set/picked up? Code for controller and javascript is as follows:


function saveFamily(divToUpdate)





          url: "/family/add",

          load: function(response, ioArgs){


              if(Number(familyID) > 0)


                  dojo.publish("guardianTopic", [{

                  message: "Family information saved!",

                  type: "message",

                  duration: 2000


                  document.getElementById('familyId').value = familyID;

                  dojo.byId('formFamily').disabled = true;






              return response;             


          error: function(response, ioArgs){

            dojo.byId(divToUpdate).innerHTML = "An error occurred, with response: " + response;

            return response;


          form: "formFamily",

          handleAs: "text"


      //dojo.byId('address1').disabled = !dojo.byId('address1').disabled;

      //document.getElementById('familyId').value = '1';






public function addAction()




            $req = $this->_request;

            $posts = $req->getPost(); 

            $family = new Model_DbTable_Family();

            $data = array('family_name' => $posts['familyLastName'],

                'last_visit' => date('Y-n-j'),

                'email' => $posts['email'],

                'home_phone' => $posts['homePhone'],

                'work_phone' => $posts['workPhone'],

                'cell_phone' => $posts['cellPhone']


            $familyId = $family->insert($data);

            echo $familyId;



        catch(Exception $e)


            echo '0';



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