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Show/hide row <tr> depending on user selection from a drop-down menu

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Hi guys,

My client keeps making variations to his demands.. now I have a similar problem to my earlier one.

I want to show or hide a <tr> row in a table depending on what the user selects, if the user selects options a,b or c then I want the <tr> with the id="one" to be shown & I want the <tr> with the id="two" to be hidden.
If the user selects d,e I want it to do the exact opposite, hide the <tr id="one"> while showing the <tr id="two".

How can this be done... i am pulling my hair out with this javascript :(

Can anyone help... my earlier thread may also be of use as this is very similar.

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just use the same code I posted there, and instead of the div, make it a tr
<tr id="one" style="display:none;"><td>Hidden Text</td></tr>

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