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[SOLVED] super simple photo gallery cms?


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I have searched the net for days and tried implementing quite a few solutions, and am not happy still.  I'm looking for a very bare bones app to display images on a site that will allow the website's owner to add their own photos.  I just want to use my own html - not have a gallery on a page that looks different from the rest of the site.  Everything I am finding has all these extra features I don't need, and it's really aggravating. I have tried Zen Photo and Gallery so far and both seem to need really excessive modifications to accomplish this.  I would love to just have lightbox launch the photos so everything is one one page, and then have a really simple login somewhere that the owner can just upload an image and a caption.  No bells and whistles...  Does anyone know of something like this short of having to write my own?

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Thanks guys.  As I mentioned in my post, I had ZenPhoto...the thing was, I don't want something that does that and more like Zen does. ZenPhoto was not easy to implement into existing html, and it just had too many features that weren't going to be utilized.


Thanks for the simple gallery link as well, but that doesn't have the feature I need, an uploading interface for a user.


Anyway, I ended up using Plogger (www.plogger.org).  It was the closest thing I could find to a basic but nice gallery / cms system, and wasn't too hard to implement.  I recommend it unless anyone knows of anything better of course.

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