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protecting includes?

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I have been told lately that it is possbile for some hackers to get in to servers and stuff through include systems. Could anyone help out telling potential ways to make an include safe so that someone can't do anything with it through url or anything? Thanks.

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When you are including files, make sure you the file you are including actually exists on your server, and use your servers document root when including files, espcially when doing somthing like this:
[code=php:0]$page = $_GET['page']

include $_GET['page']. '.php';[/code]

So rather than doing the above do this:
[code=php:0]$page = $_GET['page'];
// check that the files exists first
if(file_exists('http://www.site.com/' . $page . '.php'))
  // if it does include it
  include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $page . '.php';
// file doesnt exists, hakcing attempt!
    die('<h1>hacking attempt</h1>');

That isnt the best way of doing it, but is just a quick example.

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