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help with cakephp


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Hi Guys,


I am new to cakephp and have spend hours reading up on it trying to get something done at no joy.  Of what appears relatively simple is actually proving complex. 


I have cakephp installed on a directory serving a website.  now all i want to do is add another folder lets say "test" and serve a new web site from there.  so when you type www.example.com/test it serves the new site in depended from the existing one.  But I'm having no joy in accomplishing this.


Any help would really be much appreciated.




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What you are trying doesn't make much sense.  Why bother with a framework if you don't want to utlize the MVC?  Cake will write urls based on your application. You may be able to play around with app>config>routes, but by what you are trying will tell cake to look for the test controller which doesn't exist.

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