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Zend_Date Problems


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I'm fairly new to Zend Framework, so forgive me if this is a really easy question. I have been looking everywhere for a solution. I am trying to get the difference between the current date and a persons birthday to see how old they are.


$date = new Zend_Date();
    	$date->sub('April 13, 1987');

    	print $date->toString('Y');


The following prints 28, however the correct age would be 29, as the persons birthday was a few days ago. Does it not take the month and day into account when it subs the date? Or a better question would be what am I doing wrong?


I have set my default timezone correctly.

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I need to know how to tackle the problem using Zend_Date specifically, as I am learning that framework. In past projects I have used something similar:


function playersAge($birthDate) {
list($day, $month, $year) = explode("/", $birthDate);
$age = date('Y') - $year;
if (date('m') < $month) $age--;
elseif (date('d') < $day) $age--;
return $age;	

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