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php extension not being loaded by extension_dir but can be loaded by dl()?

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I have an extension stored in a directory.  The directory where the extension is stored is set to the extension_dir.  The problem is that the extension is not being loaded at run time.  I have to manually load the extension using dl().  I don't want to have to do that because that wastes time.  How can I get it to be loaded at runtime so I can use it without having to call dl() first?

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What extension are you trying to enable? Also make sure the path to your extensions directory is an absolute path to your extensions, for example:
[code]extension_dir = "C:\php\ext"[/code]

Also make sure you have uncommented the extension you wish to enable too within the php.ini, for example for the gd library, find the following within the php.ini:
Now remove the semi-colon from the stat of the line. Save your php.ini, restart your webserver for the changes to take affect.

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