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can i put a domain to my server with apache?

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i mean i have an apache server and can i put a domain to it?

for example:

from \"http://localhost/index.html\" to \"www.domain.com\"...

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If your asking if you can put yourdomain.com into a browser and have it display pages from your server, the answer is yes.


1. Go to whatismyip.com, this will give you your internet IP.


2. Type (your IP) into your browser to see if apache can serve up your pages. If so go to step 3. If not go to step 4.


3. Register a domain name with a registrar that will provide DNS for you, and follow their instructions.


4. Determine what is blocking your server, some possibilities:

a. Your provider is blocking port 80.

b. You have a firewall blocking port 80.

c. You are behind a router that is blocking port 80.


This is by no means an all inclusive list, but it gives you a direction.

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