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mysql sharing?


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hey guys i have a login script that records emails when you register.there is a fonction in the admin panel to send emails.but it does not work.(sever does not support it)

so i installed a newsletter script.is it possible to link the msql file that saves the emails to my newsletter sql?

so when the register the email goes to both scripts.

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well i have one but the sever is to slow to process the newsletter sit give me  a proxy error all the time .so i have a very good newsletter script that i use .but i would like to take the info from my login script for the newsletter script.
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here is the list email page from the newsletter

    include "connect.php";
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css">
    <center><table border='0'><tr><td valign='top' width=30%>
      include "left.php";
      print "</td>";
      print "<td valign='top' width=70%>";
      print "<table class='maintable'><tr class='headline'><td><center>List email addresses in ABC order</center></td></tr>";
      print "<tr class='mainrow'><td>";
      $order="SELECT * from m_list where validated=1 order by address ASC";
      $order2=mysql_query($order) or die(mysql_error());
      print "<font color='#$fontcolor'>Page:</font> ";
        print "<A href='list.php?start=$prev'><<</a> ";
            print "<A href='list.php?start=$d'>$g</a> ";
        print "<A href='list.php?start=$next'>>></a> ";
      print "<center><table class='maintable'><tr class='headline'><td>Address</td><td>Delete</td></tr>";
      $getaddress="SELECT * from m_list where validated='1' order by address ASC limit $start, 20";
      $getaddress2=mysql_query($getaddress) or die("Could not get address");
          print "<tr class='mainrow'><td>$getaddress3[address]</td><td><A href='deleteadd.php?ID=$getaddress3[mailid]'>Delete</a></td></tr>";
      print "</table>";
      print "</td></tr></table>";


and here is the page of members email

include 'config.php';

list($cookie, $tmpname) =
split("!", $_COOKIE[auth], 2);

if($cookie == "fook"){

$connection = mysql_connect($hostname, $user, $pass)
or die(mysql_error());
$db = mysql_select_db($database, $connection)
or die(mysql_error());

$sqlcheckaccount = "SELECT username FROM $userstable
WHERE username = '$tmpname'";

$resultcheckaccount = mysql_query($sqlcheckaccount)
or die ("Couldn't execute query.");
$numcheckaccount = mysql_num_rows($resultcheckaccount);
if($numcheckaccount == 0){
echo "Error, Username doesnt exist.";

$sql = "SELECT * FROM $userstable ORDER BY username";

$result = mysql_query($sql)
or die ("Couldn't execute query.");

$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result);
echo "<font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Below is a list of members which have registered at letitring.info";
echo "<br> Total members: $num_rows";
echo "<br><table border=\"1\" cellspacing=\"1\" cellpadding=\"3\">";
echo "<tr> <th><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Username</th> <th><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Email</th> <th><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Profile</th> </font></tr>";
while($row = mysql_fetch_array( $result )) {

echo "<tr><td><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">";
echo $row['username'];
echo "</td><td><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">";
echo $row['email'];
echo "</td>";
echo "<td><a href=\"viewprofile.php?name=$row[username]\"><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">View Profile</a></td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "</table></font>";

} else {
echo "Error, You have to be logged in to view this page.";
echo "<br>Click <a href=\"login.php\">here!</a> to login.";
were should i slide it in and what should i put ?
it is the newsletter script that i will use.
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include ('mysql.php');
$name = $_POST[name];
$text = $_POST[text];
$query = Mysql_query ("SELECT email FROM members");
$count = mysql_num_rows($query);
for ($i=0;$i<$count;$i++){

$to_all = MySQL_Result($query, $i, "email");
$mail = mail("$to_all", "Message to all members from $name",
"Od koho(nickname) : $name
Text              : $text ");
if ($mail){echo "Your massage to $to_all has been sent!<br>";}
elseif (!$mail){echo "Your massage to $to_all has NOT been sent!<br>";}
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