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PHP: HELP! Remote include from cliking an image button

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Hi there
Thanks for visiting this topic, now dont move, i need your help ;)

I'm having a big problem that i cant solve myself.
I've spent several hours searching on the net but cant find what im looking for.

After reading this, you might think that im almost trying to build a kind of php iframe but i have no choice.

Im building a webpage which separate into two parts(top and bottom)

1-The Top (menu)= that have 4 image button with rollover states;
and this navigation bar should not reload (too many pictures to load) so...

2-The Bottom (content) that include() pages resquested by the clicked button.

As i know that I cant use javascript event handler with php, Im not able to change the content of the include() function from clicking an image button.

Please, i beg for help!

Can you help here?

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so why cant you make a frame on the top and a frame on the bottom, name the top frame top and name the bottom one bottom then make your links like <a href="http://google.com" target="bottom">google</a> ???

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re-reading my post, your reply seems a good solution but in fact
it cant be done
i just wanted to avoid too many explanation but there's more details;

my bottom part isnt exactly a bottom part, its mostly a part inside the top document (kindof iframe)

there's a little table draw of what my page look like:


The red "+" is my top part, from where my img-buttons are
the black "+" is the bottom part where i want to include() the page called by the button

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