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I'm new with PHP...and i need some help, please.

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i made a form, and it works fine...it returns all of the information that the user enters to my email address (and to the address they enter), but i need to add text to the email that is generated.

The form is stating agreement to a contract, and i need the text of the contract to appear in the email.

Can anyone help me out, please? 

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This is a skeleton version of the email script only since am not sure of your variables, so you would have to change them as you see necessary. If you can, post up your code.

[code]if ($finished) {
//Send email
$body = "I have received your information. It is: '{$_POST['information']}'. \n\n";
mail ($_POST['email'], $subjectline, $body, $youremail);

//This part is optional; it shows on the page that the email has been sent.
echo '<p>Your information has been sent, and will be receiving a confirmation email.</p>';

//Should the info fail to process
} else {
echo '<p>Please go back and try again</p>';


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