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I am doing a script with php and mysql wich i want to list the orders details such as session_id, date, username and id.

To do this i used select distinct session_id from orders

cause i have 2 orders with the same session_id but i also want to list the username, date and id.

Since i used to distinct only the session_id it will only print on the screen the session id's.

I tryed "select Distinct session_id, username, date,id from orders" but in this case since some fields has diferent values even having the same session_id it will list all the results on the table.

What i would like to do is like "select * from orders distinct session_id" , this query doesn't work but just to give an idea.

Is there anyway of using the select statement to select all the fields and distinguish the session_id so that i can avoid duplicated session id's on the results?

If someone can help me i appreciate

Many thanks to all

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You're correct that DISTINCT only eliminates duplicates rows, where all field values match.  You can easily run a query to limit to unique session_ids, but what will that mean for the username, etc?  Might they be different across similar session_ids?

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