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Image size checking script

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Hi i wrote a script that would go through all of the members on my forums and check there signature image sizes:
now it works great for one person but it is taking an extremely long time to go through the entire thing, and i was wondering if i had coded something wrong or someone knows a way to optomise the script:

here is an example signature from the db:

mysql_select_db($database_connPASSWORD, $connPASSWORD);
$query_RsSig = "SELECT u.username, t.signature FROM vb3_usertextfield t, vb3_user u WHERE (t.userid = u.userid) AND (t.signature <> '') AND (u.usergroupid = 26)";
$RsSig = mysql_query($query_RsSig, $connPASSWORD) or die(mysql_error());
$row_RsSig = mysql_fetch_assoc($RsSig);
$totalRows_RsSig = mysql_num_rows($RsSig);
//set variables
$imageLine = 1;
$height = 0;
$width = 0;
$maxheight = 500;
$maxwidth = 600;
//create an array called data where the assosiative name is the persons username, and set the value to the signature value
do {
$data[$row_RsSig['username']] = $row_RsSig['signature'];
} while ($row_RsSig = mysql_fetch_assoc($RsSig));
//valuedata is username cheesedata is the signature
foreach ($data as $valuedata => $cheesedata){
//create an array called sigdata and and split it line by line.
$sigdata = explode("\r\n",$cheesedata);
//create a loop for every single line of the array
foreach ($sigdata as $value => $cheese){
//check if the data matches the regex and if it does put the link to the image in the matches array.
preg_match_all('/\\[IMG\\](.+?)\\[\/IMG]/i', $cheese, $match);

//get the number of images in the current matches array
$numImages = count($match[1]);
if($numImages != 0){
foreach ($match[1] as $value1 => $cheese1){
$imagedata = getimagesize($cheese1);

$height1 = $imagedata[1];

if($height1 > $height){
$height = $height1;

$width = $width + $imagedata[0];

$siginfo["Line$imageLine"]['width'] = $width;
$siginfo["Line$imageLine"]['height'] = $height;
$width = 0;
$height1 = 0;
$height = 0;
$finalInfo['height'] = $finalInfo['height'] + $siginfo["Line$imageLine"]['height'];
if($siginfo["Line$imageLine"]['width'] > $finalInfo['width']){
$finalInfo['width'] = $siginfo["Line$imageLine"]['width'];
//reset variables

$imageLine ++;
$sigdata = array();
$siginfo = array();
if($finalInfo['height'] > $maxheight or $finalInfo['width'] > $maxwidth){
echo $valuedata ;
echo "<br/>";
echo "<br/>";
$finalInfo = array();
//end of main foreach loop


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There is probobly a way to optamise it, but, heck, going throgh EVERY user in a databse (even a few hundred) is an intesive task. You could always ignore user abort and not worry how long it takes, if you only intend to run it every once in a while.

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yeah i know, i mean considering that some users have like 20 images in their sig it is a nightmare for me.
so i am thinking i was going to run it as a cron job and make it generate a text file with the names of people who are over limit or something?

But do you know any other way to optomise it?

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Personally, i would run it once, and modify the code that allows them to edit their signatures to check for image size (thus eliminating the need for an intensive cron)

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