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[SOLVED] webcalendar 1.2 problem

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I get a warning when I try and set the admin settings for the Webcalendar 1.2 the warning says:

Warning: unlink(/tmp/cf556e7d9a5d3658018d3287e86fccbezB1dat) [function.unlink]: Operation not permitted in /home/crowleys/public_html/calendar/includes/dbi4php.php on line 828

This is the snippet from the script:

function dbi_clear_cache () {
  global $db_connection_info;

  if ( empty ( $db_connection_info['cachedir'] ) )
    return 0;

  $cnt = 0;
  $fd = @opendir ( $db_connection_info['cachedir'] );
  if ( empty ( $fd ) )
    dbi_fatal_error ( translate ( 'Error opening cache dir' ) . ': '
       . $db_connection_info['cachedir'] );

  $b = 0;
  while ( false !== ( $file = readdir ( $fd ) ) ) {
    if ( preg_match ( '/^\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S+.dat$/', $file ) ) {
      // echo 'Deleting ' . $file . '<br />';
      $fullpath = $db_connection_info['cachedir'] . '/' . $file;
      $b += filesize ( $fullpath );
      if ( ! unlink ( $fullpath ) )
        echo '<!-- ' . translate ( 'Error' ) . ': '
         . str_replace ( 'XXX', translate ( 'delete' ),
          translate ( 'Could not XXX file' ) ) . " $file. -->\n";
      // TODO: log this somewhere???
  return $cnt;

It seems to be an infinite loop, I have to stop the browser from running it.

Can anyone help? Is there another function used instead of unlink().

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I just thought about this, Why did this script work when my server was using php 4 but not when the server went to php 5. Has unlink been deprecated?

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The reason for the error is because it's trying to delete the temp files in the /tmp dir of the server.

Which you do not have access to delete those files.


I found my solution to be a bit more correct, as the application was designed to have a temp file system. Yes you can comment out the line db_cachedir:

But you can also change it to another path. 


Example: db_cachedir: /home/user/tmp_cal

Then CHMOD permissions to 0777


This will let the application do what is was designed to do. 


Also remember for security reasons do not make db_cachedir: in or after www or public_html


Hope this helps others..



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Thanks, yea that is what I finally did. I will have to look into where I have my temp folder.  Does anyone know how I can check to see if my send_reminder.php is not sending me my email? I really do not know what it does yet. Can anyone answer these question?

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