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fsockopen first time use

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I have been having some trouble getting this script to work, I think I understand it, I was helped along to make it. The problem is for some reason it runs the script, doesnt do the request and redirects at the bottom, no errors nothing.  I am not that familiar with this, so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction, maybe tell me how to make it error, or spot a mistake?


[code]$host_name = "www.bulksms.co.uk";
// open a socket on port 80 (HTTP default)
$socket = fsockopen( $host_name , 5567 , $errno , $errstr, 30 ); 

// unable to open a socket?
if (!$socket){
    die('message could not be sent: ' . $errno . '(' . $errstr . ')'); 

// get request for the specified PATH
// here's where you'd throw your querystring
$uri_path = "/eapi/submission/send_sms/2/2.0?username=*****&password=*******&routing_group=2&allow_concat_text_sms=1&message=$message&msisdn=$too&sender=$companyname";
$http_header = "GET $uri_path HTTP/1.1\r\n"; 

// write hostname in request, because otherwise we may be denied for
// providing an invalid request

$http_header .= "Host: $host_name\r\n"; 

// thats it, we can close our open push content
$http_header .= "Connection: Close\r\n\r\n";

//write header to the socket, thus making the request
fwrite ( $socket , $http_header );

// while the socket isn't closed, or empty
while (!feof($socket)){
    // append socket results to string
    $file_contents .= fgets($socket, 4096); 

// close opened socket to the website

// you can now do anything with the $file_contents variable
// perhaps the url returns a true/false boolean, or an xml
// you can parse to find out if your request was successful 

header("Location: $url");[/code]

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