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I\'m new to PHP/MySQl and i\'m trying to enter data into a db. It keeps giving me error\'s saying the form vaules are not defined.


Here is the PHP file:


$host = "localhost";

$username ="root";

$password ="TheDBPassword";

$database ="mydb";

mysql_connect($host,$username,$password)  or die( "<br><center>Unable to connect to database server</center>");

@mysql_select_db($database) or die("<br><center>Unable to select to database</center>");

// Line 13 is the line below

$query = "INSERT INTO employees VALUES ("$first","$last","$address","$position")";




Here is the Form File



<form action="test14.php" method="post">

First: <input type="text" name="first"><p>

Last: <input type="text" name="last"><p>

Address: <input type="text" name="address"><p>

Position: <input type="text" name="position"><p>

<input type="submit"><p>





The Error Messages i get:

(With quotes around value example: \"$first\")

Parse error: parse error in /Library/WebServer/Documents/test14.php on line 13


(Without quotes around value example: $first)

Notice: Undefined variable: first in /Library/WebServer/Documents/test14.php on line 13


Notice: Undefined variable: last in /Library/WebServer/Documents/test14.php on line 13


Notice: Undefined variable: address in /Library/WebServer/Documents/test14.php on line 13


Notice: Undefined variable: position in /Library/WebServer/Documents/test14.php on line 13


Anything will help,


Thanks K

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Unless register globals is switched on you will have to tell the processing form what the form variables were:


$firstname = $HTTP_POST_VARS[\"firstnamefield\"];

$lastname = $HTTP_POST_VARS[\"lastnamefield\"];


On your form use \"method=post\". This should hopefully write each value to a variable which can then be added to the form...


Any more problems, will try to help :D

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$query = \\\"INSERT INTO employees VALUES (\\\"$first\\\",\\\"$last\\\",\\\"$address\\\",\\\"$position\\\")\\\";

Try to use \' around your insert statement OR escape all the rest of the \" used. Like this:

$query = \'INSERT INTO employees VALUES ("\'.$first.\'","\'.$last.\'","\'.$address.\'","\'.$position.\'")\';

This will not translate any PHP variables so they must be concatenated into the string.


$query = "INSERT INTO employees VALUES (/"$first/",/"$last/",/"$address/",/"$position/")";

if you must have \" in the INSERT statement (doubt that)


$query = "INSERT INTO employees VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$address\',\'$position\')"; 

Will probably produce the correct result with the \"nicest\" code.

The problem is that you use the same quotes in the string as quoting the string.

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