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Appearence PROBLEM ??


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in my phpNuke site all the stuff comming from the phpNUke comes as _XXXX or _YYY

why is that ??

each n everymodule and blocks ... evrywhr Sad

how can i change that ??

i know i shud add something to da languages folder ryt ??

im nt that gud at php plz help me
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[quote author=AndyB link=topic=101790.msg403185#msg403185 date=1153837582]
Best guess? A speelin erorr, praps.

If you explained the problem in a way that made sense AND let people see what your pages look like, you're more likely to get a constructive response.

k here it looks like..

so i need to change these _XXX stuf and XXXXXX_ stuff to normal figures
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