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General mod-rewrite questions

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I know that mod-rewrite is done in htaccess right.
I tried running a script awhile back to automatically redirect everyone that goes to the server over to https, it did not work, well it did partially, we have 4 domain names .info, .biz, .us and it was messing up on the biz, with a server error, the guy at my webhost, checked with there tech, and he said that I was using mod-rewrite the wrong way, it's not for that, what exactly is it for, is there a way at all for me to set up an automatic redirect, I need to be able to automatically redirect ANYONE going to
and .com, and .net when we get them
there all on the same web host plan, all under the same account, and all in the same place.  I have a link there, but I am wanting to remove the links, and force people to always be on a secure connection. Advice is there a way for me to do it with apache, I know this is an apache section so I have to ask in general, if not apache then what about php, or whatever else, without conflicting or causing search engine issues.  Thanks. 

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