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Need help with query involving dates

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I\'m in the process of creating an employee scheduler for my boss. I have a table containing shift dates; a start date and an end date (i.e. Jan 11th, 2004 - April 10, 2004). I\'m wanting to divide the two dates up into weeks like so...


Jan 11th, 2004 - Jan 17th, 2004

Jan 18th, 2004 - Jan 24th, 2004

Jan 25th, 2004 - Jan 31st, 2004


I want to do this until I get to the last week of the shift which would be April 4th, 2004 - April 10th, 2004. How could I do this with a mysql query? If this can\'t be done in mysql, can it be done with a php function of some sort? I\'ve been looking at the various date functions but nothing seems to jump out at me as being a solution. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.


- Brad

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First thing Please DOnt double post .....


Now to your question


You can use DATE_ADD function which is quiet handy


select DATE_ADD(\'2004-01-11\',INTERVAL 7 DAY) 


We know a week has 7 days


The above query will add 7 days to the given date


The result of the above query would be 2004-01-18


Now you have to save the result and add till the date difference is ZERO

SELECT (TO_DAYS(\'2004-04-17\')-TO_DAYS(\'2004-01-11\'))


This query will give the date difference which is 97


So you need to maintain a variable which would also subtract \"7\" from this total and also add to the date.


So when the result is ZERO it means that you have finished.


I hope I am clear

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simple enough...I\'ll give it a shot.


I double posted because I accidentally posted the first one in the wrong section. If authors had the ability to delete their own posts I would\'ve deleted one of them.


Thanks for the help.

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