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Image rotator problems...

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Hi, I have this puppy for sale classifieds program that I am trying to introduce some javascript too, the problem is when I use "{", "}" I get problems, errors.  I tried putting my javascript in a .js file and running it externally, but then nothing comes up.  the problem, is this javascript is designed to create multiple image (banner ad) rotations on one page, so I am not sure how to call an individual instance of the javascript.  visit [url=http://www.wagnpaws.com]www.wagnpaws.com[/url] this is where the banners should be showing up but aren't.  [url=http://www.wagnpaws.com/banner_ads.html]www.wagnpaws.com/banner_ads.html[/url] is an example of the script working outside of the program inside of the html.  My javascript file is found at [url=http://www.wagnpaws.com/rotate.js]www.wagnpaws.com/rotate.js[/url].  If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it, or if you have any ideas of a better way of doing this...  Thanks!

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