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serious help!

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Please could you help me, the following is the code to login to my site:

[code]$sql="SELECT loginid FROM userlogin WHERE loginid=’".$loginid.”’ and password=’”.$password.”’”; $r = mysql_query($sql); if(!$r) {


print $err;

exit(); } if(mysql_affected_rows()==0){

print "no such login in the system. please try again.";

exit(); } else{

print "successfully logged into system.";[/code]

i am getting an error of [b]
Parse error: parse error, unexpected '=' in authenticate.php on line 5[/b]

i have not included the first 2 lines above this as they are just connecting and selecting the databse!
any ideas?

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You're using the wrong quote marks...use a single quote (') around the variables in your sql variable, not a back tic (`).  Also, you don't need to escape from the double quotes for your variables, however, it won't hurt anything if you do.

[code]$sql = "SELECT loginid FROM userlogin WHERE loginid = '$loginid' and password = '$password'";[/code]

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