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Quiz/Scramble Tutorial Needed!

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I'm making quizzes (not the "What am I?" type .. the "You scored 9/10" kind)

Basically, I want a page (like an admin page) where I can access (thru user/pass) and make new quizzes
- Name the quiz (ex: Test #1)
- Desc of quiz (ex: this is a test of the quiz system)
- How many questions (ex: choose how many questions you want ... min of 5, max of 10)
- Answer format as: radio boxes (up to 4) , dropdowns or small text box
- Creates a new page for quiz ... sets as new id ... 1.php , 2.php , 3.php, 4.php, etc etc
- Can edit, delete or set active/inactive
- Active: people can view the quiz and answer questions ... Inactive: people can not view it
- Includes "header.php" in the coding
- Show results at end of quiz ---> how many questions right out of total.

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