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field_forwarder() help!! Need the user to be able to make edits

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I am using field_forwarder in my multi-page form. It works beautifully but I have now been asked to alter the script so that the client is able to go back at any point and change info if needed, but the field variables get wiped out if you go back.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I dont want to start over with this script! I am also a newbie at php so may need some hand-holding  ;D

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It may be insecure(Correct me if im wrong) But you could use php Sessions. Do some googleing on sessions, basically there a Global variable for each "Session" that is opened with the webserver.
they are valid untill the Explorer window gets closed.

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Can anyone please elaborate on this. I have tried to do a search on sessions and have placed
include ('../../field_forwarder.php');

at the top of my pages. But if I use the 'back' button on the browser I get a post data error. I read that this is because my form uses 'POST' instead of 'GET' but field_forwarder() requires 'POST'

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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