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Plz, give me some critique about...


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It's "graphically challenged".  Worst or not, there's lots of room for visual improvement.

The truncated titles in lists doesn't really let me know what the list is until O get there. You could probably drop "Top Worst" from every one of the titles.

Letting people vote multiple times is going to skew your statistics.

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[quote author=jeka911 link=topic=102003.msg405450#msg405450 date=1154125362]
Some man tried to F*CK my php.
I found log with stupid get parameters with MySQL operators.......:
His IP:;

If it's not on terms of this forum, plz, delete this post.. But he was refered from this url.


Ok, maybe they were just checking your form validation?  Anway, the site looks pretty bad.  It looks like ugly smudges from an eraser or something.  What exactly is this site anyway.  I have absolutely no idea when I look at it. 
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