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Search Query in MYSQL

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i need a search script in which someone searches through my tables. I have 3 main tables, (news, articles, and famous diamonds) and in the drop down they need to select from which table. Then it has to beable to search... current example at the top i have is at


but the code gives me error



each table has different name for the table, title, and body for example in one table title column is title and in another its titlearticle, and third its namegia


i cant figure out how to query it from various tables from the database and display the results nicely



$sql = \"


MATCH($title, $body) AGAINST(\'$searchresult\') AS score

FROM $usertable

WHERE MATCH($title, $body) AGAINST(\'$searchresult\')



$rest = MySQL_query($sql);





echo \"{$sql2[\'title\']}\";

echo \"{$sql2[\'id\']}\";


echo \"\";






Thanks guys.

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your query syntax should be something like this:


SELECT col1, col2 FROM tablename

WHERE col2 LIKE \'%$searchphrase%\'

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