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htaccess help

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hey! you guys have helped me alot and i hope you can help me with this next question i have... i am building a cms and i dont want those gay dynamic urls and i followed some tutorial and this is what i got: [code]Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/$ /index.php?q=$1 [L][/code] and it works when i type the url like this: http://somedomain.com/home/ but not like this: http://somedomain.com/home

basically it does not work if i dont put the trailing slash in it... does anyone know how to make it work without the ending slash?

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its becuase you have a trailing slash within your rewrite rule:
[code]RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/$ /index.php?q=$1 [L][/code]
Remove the slash before the $ sign, That should sort it.

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